International events are a specialty for Parris Productions. Understanding the different needs and contexts of different cultures is critical to producing & executing global and international events. Parris Kent, the lead of Parris Productions, is an American born (Australian raised) event expert with a strong passion for travel. This international exposure combined with 20+ years of global event experience, provides special insight into how to make professional international events successful. 

Event production across countries and regions requires a unique blend of cultural insights with event production project management. Parris Productions has significant global experience with many enterprise level and B2B companies; along with this experience comes passion for cross cultural communications and travel. Parris Productions’ international expertise spans international tradeshows, global product launches, and international media & communications programs.

Some of the benefits of working with Parris Productions include:

  • Produce your event efficiently
  • Minimize expenses
  • Reduce event team overhead (i.e. office space, benefits)
  • International and cultural sensitivities
  • Fast event planning
  • Precise event details


“Parris’ broad experience and repeated success in developing and managing global marketing programs, training and events makes her an excellent choice for companies looking to invigorate their marketing efforts. In addition, she has an engaging personality that brings so much energy and creativity to the table and makes projects fun and rewarding.” 
Jeanne Weed, Director, Global Content Operations at Motorola Solutions

“Parris is a positive, action-oriented manager with a strong understanding of technology marketing and great empathy for the challenges of marketing across national borders and time zones.” 
Mark Durrant, Director of Communications at Nokia Technologies