Fundamentally, Parris Productions is an expert event planner, Parris Kent, with over 20 years of experience planning international events, marketing, branding, and event production. 

Parris Productions specializes in creating rich event experiences and delivering unique corporate events. “My tenure with fortune 500 companies and international exposure give me the strong management and production skills to be an expert event manager and event planner.  My goal is to make your special events shine. The best thing about my work with Parris Productions is that it allows me to be an extension of your marketing & event production teams while also remaining independent & low cost to my clients. You can hire me for a 4 week event planning project or an event planning process that takes a whole year.  I enjoy planning & producing events & I look forward to working with you to make your special event really shine for attendees & stakeholders alike.”

Parris Kent on Event Planning:

“Creating an experience out of a blank slate is something I learned early in my career in Sydney, Australia. Working in a national marketing role for an importing company, delivering state government marketing programs and policies, and delivering marketing & public relations for a national Disney distributor, laid the foundation for a deep understanding of marketing, branding and events.

“Returning to the US in early 2000, my actual birthplace, I found my niche working in marketing and branding for fortune 500 companies. Starting with MarchFIRST, Aon, Inc and 7+ years in global marketing roles for Motorola, Inc. and Motorola Solutions.

“Parris Productions stemmed from 18+ years of global marketing & communications, branding and events experience in both corporate and non-for-profit organizations. Learning from some of the most talented people across the globe, and working for companies that demand excellence through innovation and dynamic marketing programs, I bring an elegant flare to the possibilities in event production.

“Don’t let the strong Australian accent fool you, I was born in the US! Though I spent my childhood in Australia, I've traveled the globe for business and pleasure and landed in Chicago where I live with my husband and our puppy, Jett.”